I’m a husband, dad, PopPop, writer, marketer, musician, and former tech journalist. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in Southwest Missouri—which is not the culture shock everybody seems to think.

My overriding trait is curiosity—I want to know at least a little about everything and try just about all of it at least once. So far that’s included things like scuba diving, swimming with sharks, wilderness camping, traveling, flying, skydiving, and the scariest adventure of them all—public speaking.

You can find a lot about me through a quick Google search, including lots of my writing and a more than a few appearances with my most recent band, the Macworld All-Star Band. I’m descended from Mayflower passengers on my mother’s side, and artisan glass makers and cutters on my father’s, and I’m incredibly proud of my heritage, and the sacrifices made and challenges overcome that enable me to enjoy this amazing life.